Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Something eerie is going on.

As I am sure many others have done, I checked out what my neighbourhood looks like from above by using the google maps satellite view. Apart from noticing that I need a new roof, I couldn't help but notice that a strange feature seems to be quietly spreading throughout the landscape of suburbia. Is this another phenomenon akin to crop circles? Indeed, could these be the foundational pads for some mysterious infiltration of our world by life-forms unknown? Is this a danger to civilisation as we know it? I have ringed the strange apparitions in red, but I know for a fact that since this picture was taken, two additional 'urban landing pads' have appeared. Firstly, one in my very own back garden about a month ago. Secondly, in our neighbours garden only yesterday! Whatever these things are, they are appearing under our very noses. Who knows where the next one will appear and what their real purpose is. Could there be at this very moment one being manifested in your back garden? Have you looked out of your window this morning... the end could be coming.

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