Monday, May 9, 2011


So it's finally arrived. Exam time. I travelled to Bridgend, Wales by car, hauling a ton of books with me. Had a microwave curry (Tesco's finest, don't you know) and then settled down to revise for my 3 hour Greek exam tomorrow. I then fancied a cup of tea and so nipped downstairs to pop the kettle on. Neglecting to wear any shoes proved to be a significant error. By the time I had entered the kitchen my socks were augmented by a number of new accessories - what's is that sticking to my sock? A piece of cereal? Rogue pea? A new life-form perhaps? Grim. Anyway, have managed to dust off the soles and return to the relative safety of my room. It's not all bad though - did have a nice little chat with a brother called Hue - he is going to be an assistant pastor at a church (somewhere). Good for him, I hope it all goes well for him. Now back to my Greek. Ahhh.

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