Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Escape from WEST!

The view as I studied
 whilst on my little adventure.
So 9.30am came and I turned over the Greek exam paper. Oh dear. It was as I had feared - full of stuff that I can only describe as Greek. Three brain-watering hours later, I was the last to leave the exam. Some parts of the exam I didn't complete, others I know I got wrong. On the upside - I'm pretty sure I got my name right at the top of the page ;)

I had a bite to eat before packing the rest of my lunch into a rucksack, along with my books for revision. Off I went exploring. I had heard about a nearby beach that sounded interesting... although I never made it. I got side-tracked by a little discrete location that I drove past. I stopped there and did some work, enjoyed the sun and finished my lunch. It was great. But then it got cold and rained (Don't you just love Wales?). So I'm now back at WEST - my great escape over. Time to continue my revision for the Biblical Theology exam tomorrow. Whoppppeeeeeee.

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