Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's easier...

It's easier to shock in a bad way than in a good way.
It's easier to hurt than to heal.
It's easier to be mean than kind.
It's easier to criticise than to encourage.
It's easier to laugh at someone than to help them.
It's easier to bring pain than pleasure.
It's easier to be thoughtless than thoughtful.
It's easier to take than to give.
It's easier to ignore than to engage.

Am I being cynical? That's because it's easy.
But the easy way is rarely the best way.

Friday, March 15, 2013

That was close.

So having finally reached the eye of the storm in what is perhaps the most intensely busy period in my life so far, I set off on a long journey to go and be interviewed by the leadership of a church that are considering calling me to work for them. It was a rather pleasant journey, hurtling down the M3 with little traffic in the way – just me, singing along to all the depressingly cheesy pop love songs that I seem to have populated my iphone with. Absolute heaven. What could make this any better? A burger. And spotting a McDonald's, I heard its call and couldn't resist.

As I was returning to my car I noticed that the bonnet was open. Before leaving, I had been trying to fix my rebellious windscreen washers... and had left it open. Thankfully, it was caught on the safety catch, but it did occur to me that things could have turned out so horrifyingly different. After all, what do you do, when travelling in the fast lane of a motorway and your bonnet flies up so that you can't see in front of you? I think the options involve crashing, or causing someone else to crash. Probably both.

I'm thankful to God that it didn't and that I am still here and able to write this. Although I'm not really very thankful for the windscreen washers. They still don't work!