Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chessington World of Adventures

To celebrate our youngest daughter's birthday we decided to take them to Chessington World of adventures. There were two cunning things about this.
  1. As we are local, we got free tickets
  2. We went in term time
The first is an obvious boon; the second the icing on the cake.

I took a day off, Claire wasn't working and the kids weren't at school. I'm not a fan of parks with rides etc, but I have to admit it was a brilliant day out. There was hardly anybody there. We had no queues for any of the rides; walking past the 'Only 30 minutes to wait from here' signs and jumping straight on. Usually you have to wait so long for a ride and then it's all over in minutes, but we could stay on the rides if we wanted, take as many goes and generally have a great time. And as our youngest daughter was just over the critical 0.9m high she was able to go on most of the rides, and they were tame enough so that even I enjoyed them. Brilliant fun, definitely the way to visit the only thing Chessington is famous for.

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