Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How annoying.

Ok, a little frustrated. Due to various reasons my company wanted to get rid of a rather nice CD player, which I was only to happy to re-home for them. I bagged it, carried it to the train station, sat with it propped awkwardly on my lap and finally, after an arm-aching walk got it home. I set it up for a quick test and guess what – it's really really good – with one major drawback. It jumps. No, not up and down – that would be impressive. But it skips and jumps when you get a few tracks into the CD. All the CD player has to do in life is play CDs; that is it's only purpose in life and it can't manage it. I almost feel sorry for it. Anyway, I did what all self-respecting blokes do in these situations. I took the back off, prodded and poked it a bit before replacing the cover.

Much to my astonishment the thing was working! Hurrah! Success! Alas, no. I had not replaced the cover back properly and somehow after removing and correctly replacing the cover the beastly machine had started to jump again.

Next stage – google how to mend jumping CD players without using a hammer and a lot of brute force.

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