Sunday, November 29, 2009

A good day.

Somedays it seems that no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to get accomplished and everything goes wrong. Yesterday was not like that; it was a good day. Let me share some of the small things that led to this being a good day...
  1. I actaully managed to unblock the sink drain – and it really was a 5 minute job. Last time I tried this I ended up taking the u-bend apart and couldn't get it back together again for days. That was a disaster and I had to call in my father-in-law. But with the aid of a suction pump that was in the shed when we bought the house it cleared, without too much hassle – in fact in a sad kind of way I actually enjoyed it.
  2. Remember that CD player I inherited from work that ended up not working? Well I googled 'how to mend a CD player the skips and jumps' and after a little trawling, came back with some ideas. Apparently, the laser that enables CD players to read from CDs can dim with age. Once you have taken the back off and disconnected it from the mains, you can locate a little screw next to the laser. A few tweaks of this will increase/decrease the voltage and brighten/dim the laser. And the wonderful thing was... it worked! And to think I was going to chuck it! But the CD player is fully operational. Very pleased and slightly smug.
  3. The 'Transformers: Revenge of the fallen' DVD arrived today, a few days earlier than expected. I know this is a small and insignificant point, but you have to bear in mind I missed this at the cinema and have been waiting months to see it. It was too long and they forgot to include a plot. However, there was lots of good action and Optimus Prime wins!
  4. We had the other half of yesterday's take-away curry to eat. Alway a good thing; I love curry.
So all in all a good day... you know, where you feel like things are going your way :)

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