Thursday, September 20, 2012


Apparently my taste in music knows no depths to how low it will stoop when it comes to unsophisticated musical cheese. I found myself buying Chris De Burgh's Ultimate Collection, Notes from planet earth. I knoooow!!! But what can I say? I'm a total romantic at heart and love the heart-aching, eye-filling (some might say eye-watering) songs-with-a-story that he sings. Can you beat the classic, Missing you? Now there's a song that gets stuck in your head. I love it – Fatal hesitation, Sailing away, Tender Hand... and of course the all time classic – Lady in red. Brilliant main stream heart breaking cheesy pop at its best. So I confess, it may be the musical equivalent of fast food or chocolate, but it hits the spot. And like chocolate, I just can't get enough. So rock on De Burgh. Awesomeness.

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