Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Private dancer

So I was at a party the other night and happened to be standing next to a couple of friends. Obviously being a party there was dancing involved – something that seems to take the average male (myself included) most of the evening to attempt. Anyway, there we were, watching our partners enjoying a jig when for some reason I thought it would be the perfect moment to confess that when home alone, I often pop on a few tracks and have a bit of a groove. My point was, that when amongst friends at a party, we should really just dance like we do when no-one's watching.
"It's briiiilllllliant," I enthused, "you know, you can dance while unloading the dishwasher, dance whilst shaving or to quote Lady Gaga – just dance! I mean you do that, don't you? When no-one is in and your favourite track comes on... and... er?"
This was followed by a rather awkward pause before they rather hesitantly uttered in perfect unison, "Er, no."
"Oh... ohhhh... um?" Persevering through my shock, which was sprinkled with embarrassment, I continued, "Well it's great. I can't believe you two have never done it before!"
"No, not really something I've ever done before."
"Nor me."
"Oh ... well you should try it sometime. It's great fun."

They viewed me with those, 'I'm-not-entirely-comfortable-with-what-your-suggesting' eyes. My case was lost.

So here and now now, let me promote the benefits of dancing solo: it's fun; it's good exercise; it can energise you; put you in a good mood; and best of all, it's free!

On the downside, I'm sure my neighbours must have seen me having a bit of a boogie. And admittedly when someone walks past the house and casually glances in through the window whilst one is in mid-move it can rather ruin one's rhythm. And if your stereo is of the puny variety then you're not going to feel the vibe. But why not give it a go? Line up some of those tracks that get your feet tapping, crank up the volume, and dance like no-one's watching – because they aren't. Most of the time.

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