Friday, July 15, 2011

The wasps – it's them or me...

Over a period of time I noticed that there seemed to be more and more wasps gathering in my garage. Convinced that this wasn't because my garage was simply a cool place to be if you're a wasp, I investigated. And yes, apparently, it wasn't simply a good chill-out zone, but more of a good place to make your home. I found the offending wasps nest hanging from the asbestos roof, nice.

After ordering some Rentokil wasp nest destroyer from Amazon the time had come. Early in the morning, protected by a long-sleeved shirt, I crept into the garage – armed with my tin of wasp eradicating foam. Taking aim, I unleashed a torrent of white foam – it quickly covered the nest and formed a secure seal. But taking no chances, I dashed from the scene – only to creep back to observe the response. There was none. They must have all been asleep.

I returned that evening to check on the progress. I opened the door, very carefully. The nest had literally melted – it was amazing. Although in a curious kind of way I felt a little sorry for them. But I had succeeded, overcome the beasts within, I felt triumphant.

Unfortunately, as it happens they were not the only wasps that had decided my garage would make a good home. Yes, there is indeed another nest. But this one is proving a little tricky. It's at the back of the garage and upon investigation is in the middle of a rolled up piece of carpet. After struggling to open the double rear doors these wasps were alerted to their impending doom. They buzzed around furiously and I ended up dancing around in a most unmanly manner. There was nothing for it, but for me to don my trusted can of wasp killer and block their exit. This proved easy, and I certainly won the battle, but not the war. Over the next few days their numbers dwindled massively. But they have been working hard, rebuilding, fortifying, guarding and producing more troops... it's going to end in a showdown, it's them or me...

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