Saturday, July 3, 2010

We've got a shark!

Some friends of some friends had their aquarium split and so needed to find new homes for some of their fish. They had a 6" shark which urgently needed rehoming and so we decided to take him in. Obviously we called him Jaws.

Apparently he is a Silver Shark or Bala Shark, is omnivorous (thankfully he hasn't eaten any of the other fish yet) and can grow to between 6"-14" long – although in our tank he probably won't get much bigger than he already is. Phew.

Getting him in there was tricky, since he was larger than the opening in the top of our aquarium, but my wife was boldly and poured him in, whilst I stood by, armed with my marigolds, in case he flipped out of the tank and I needed to wrestle him back in. Thankfully the marigolds where not needed.

The other fish are certainly aware that he is there, keeping to the opposite side of the tank, but they are beginning to relax now as he seems good natured and seems to be settling in well :)

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