Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's alive!

I had the rather boring job of taking some wilting daffodils down to our compost bin the other day. But when I opened the lid I was quite taken aback. An audible busy buzz of activity hit my eardrums, as countless little creatures went about their business of eating and living. You could almost see the compost crawling and wriggling with life, and upon closer inspection I could in fact see some of the multitude of very excited critters in full feasting mode.

I felt privileged to have seen and heard this little snapshot into the mechanics of our living ecosystem. I'm not a particular fan of bugs, wood-lice, slugs and worms, but they're out there, billions of them right now, all working away recycling the our waste into something useable and of worth. Our world and the one who made it never ceases to amaze me – He's brilliant.

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