Friday, January 8, 2010

The new/old shoe phenomenon

So Christmas and NY are over and we are into 2010. So what did I get for Christmas? Lots of goodies: A greek NT; books; DVDs; Chocolate; socks; a shaver etc etc. I also got a new pair of trainers! My old ones were looking a little grubby and sorry for themselves, so a quick visit to Amazon and a new pair were ordered.

The thing that always amazes me about new shoes is just how old they make your other footwear look. As I really liked my old trainers I ordered exactly the same pair as before – although they have tweaked the design (for the worse in my opinion). Anyway, since the opportunity had presented itself, I thought I'd capture the old/new shoe phenomenon for all to see. And while we're on the subject of trainers, 2010 will be a year of training, but more on later in the year :) Wahey, welcome to 2010 – it rocks.

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